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  • Brie Brown

    We are so grateful to and for everyone with Park City Animal Clinic. Brie left us on May 23, 2018, and she was loved and adored by many. Our hearts are broken, but she will remain a part of us forever.

    We love Brie to the Moon and back................

    – Marilyn & Greg Brown


  • Lil' Bit Treadway

    We lost our beloved Princess Dog Lil’ Bit on April 7th 2018. She was a little dog with a big personality and the star of our household. She enjoyed hustling people for affection and treats and did a great dance anytime she went for a ride with her parents.

    Lil’ Bit was our adventure dog and enjoyed many hikes and outings over the past several years. We will forever miss our Lil’ Bit of a Dog.

    We would like to thank Dr. Prior and everyone at Park City Vet for providing Lil’ Bit with exceptional care over the course of her long and happy life.

    – Dave and Kim Treadway


  • Payton Olsen

    I am forever grateful for the way you got to cross the rainbow bridge. I cherish our final moments and that you were peaceful and not afraid. You were my little boy.

    And ever since you went blind 3 years ago, I have considered it a privilege to carry you everywhere. I miss you deeply and I am so grateful that I had 12.5 years of amazing experiences with you. All my love. Dad

    I am so impressed with Park City Animal Clinic and Millcreek Veterinary Clinic. The kindness and care was outstanding. Payton and I were given amazing and loving care. Thank you.

    – Lee Olsen


  • Duke Moreton

    We love you and miss you deeply. You were funny, stubborn, smart and full of mischief. Our life with you was full of adventure.

    Thank you Dr Prior and the Park City Animal Clinic for helping Duke with his last day.

    – Catherine and Duncan Moreton


  • Holly

    We were beyond blessed to have had Holly for 13 wonderful years.

    Holly sailed the seas on our sailboat, traveled throughout Europe and loved to eat Franch bread when not on the go with me and her big sister Alaina, and her three puppies.

    We all feel the sudden loss of a family member but are more happy to have had her leave her paw prints on all our hearts than never to have had those prints at all.

    Thank you Park City Animal Clinic for all you did for her throughout the years.


  • Reggie Salyers

    Reggie, to our family's first "child". The only dog the girls ever knew.

    Loyal, smart, funny, full of energy and intrigue, and never-ever stopped fighting.

    We miss you, Reggie.

    Thank you to everyone at the Park City Animal Clinic.

    – Salyers Family: Kyle, Tosha, Estella, Eva & Eliza


  • Jessie Carpenter

    Jessie was our friend and companion on many journeys. She was full of love and energy!

    We are grateful for the care received at Park City Animal Clinic with Dr Pryor and Dr. Angel.

    – Suzanne Carpenter


  • Ms. Waga (Roo) Millikan

    I still hate the view without you beside me to enjoy it. You brought so much joy, and I'm very grateful for the 11 years you gave to me. Every day was better because you were in it.

    – Kim Millikan


  • Zelea McCormick

    Zelea was the sweetest kitty I ever had.
    Loved her doggie pal, Lab, and was purring all the time.
    Her life was cut short because of a fast cancer, only 8.
    She gave us all laughs, loves and loved her travels with us.
    We will all miss her.

    – Delia McCormick


  • Eddie Prior

    Eddie was a kitten when I first met him. I probably fell for Eddie because he was an orange tabby and I have a weakness for ginger cats.

    To me, all cats are amazing, but Eddie grew to become extraordinary. He had great charm and spontaneity and could convince even the most stoic of confirmed "non-cat" people to smile and admit he was quite a guy.

    I have so many memories of him making everyone laugh! One tiny toddler first sprawled on the floor with her arm around Eddie. As she grew, she always searched him out immediately when she entered the Clinic with her mom; her little face would light up with joy as soon as she spotted him.

    I have seen him being hauled around by two enthusiastic little boys while he dangled from the arms of the children like a limp bunny! They loved him and he loved them right back, enough to tolerate the behavior.

    Numerous were the times that clients reported what a comfort he was to them. While they sat anxiously awaiting news of their sick or injured pets, he sat with them, as he also sat with people who had lost their pets. Those people shared a peaceful presence that emanated from Eddie.

    In all my years of knowing cats, I met only one who earned both a first and last name, and that was Eddie Prior. It was a privilege sharing my work space with him and he reminded me every day of why I was there: to serve and care for the pets and their people.

    Congratulations Eddie Prior for a life well lived. You were an exemplary cat and you made me a better human

       — Susan St. James


  • Guiness Tiley

    Our Sweet Guiness
    We all miss you very much. You were our family, companion and protector.
    I miss snuggling in your scruff.
    I miss your wet sloppy kisses.
    I miss you cleaning up after us in the kitchen.
    I miss my never fail alarm with the gentle and at times not so gentle tapping to wake me up, even on days that I didn't need to get up.
    I miss your company: in the morning, on our daily walks.
    I miss your energetic greeting when I walk through the door.
    Porter still waits for you and searches for you.
    He waits for your clearance that the back is safe to go out to.
    We miss your presence and everything about you.
    It's a little quieter without you.
    You left a hole in our hearts.
    We will always love you.

    – Donna and Brian (mom and dad)


  • Lily Hartley

    Once or so in a lifetime, a wonderful dog graces your life with compassion and unconditional love. That was our Lily for 10 plus year. She was tender hearted, very sensitive and extremely intuitive. As a registered Intermountain Therapy Animal, Lily responded to people in ways I could never teach her. She was THAT dog. I have had many dogs in my life but there has never been and will never be another one like Lily. She has certainly left a giant void in our home.

    In my lifetime I can only hope to be as generous and loving as Lily. She is so, so missed and was so deeply loved. My heart aches for that red dog with the sweet face, soft brown eyes and her constant companionship. We were so lucky and blessed to have Lily for her short time on earth and if only I could love that sweet alive girl just one more time.

    Thank you Dr. Prior for your compassion and tender care of our girl. You are more than just a veterinarian but a treasured friend to Lily and us.


  • Sinclair Liuzzi-Barrett

    Sinclair was with us for 19 years. We adopted her from Best Friends when she was 4 months old and were told they named her Sinclair because she was found at a Sinclair gas station. I loved her calm demeanor - she was totally unphased by just about everything.

    We got her as a companion to our other found kitty, Mike, but unfortunately, she hated him. In later years, she made friends with our other kitty, Sammie, but Sammie always wanted to wrestle with her and she would have none of it. It was like a teenage boy trying to wrestle his grandma.

    Sinclair was so great around our dogs, too. She would sleep on their bed and drink out of their water dish like she owned it and they never messed with her. For such a little lady, she had a lot of spirit and commanded respect.

    We miss her presence greatly and know that she is happy now and in no pain. We love you, Sinclair!


  • Brady Black

    We adopted Brady from the Golden Rescue of SLC when he was a year old. He was the goofiest Golden we've ever had. He would leap like a great white shark for any snowball you could find! He would swim the length of every lake in the Unitas. He would only go outside if you threw the tennis ball for him. He would only go in a swimming pool by jumping from the side!

    And every night before bed, he would bark 3 times from our deck just to make sure no one was in his yard. Boy, he made us laugh!

    Take care my good Brady, and take a roll in the snow for me.


  • Montanna Blase

    You were with us for 17 short years, through many adventures and journeys. Getting use to the fact that you are no longer at home is not an easy task. We miss your constant companionship.

    You will always be our kitty.


  • Serenity Lee

    I will always remember the day I brought my sweet Serenity home. She was a small puff ball that fit into my hand. Before putting her in the car, I asked the universe what is her name. When I looked up a BIG sign said Serenity. 😊 She wasn't always the most Serene, but she was mine and I Loved her purrs and playfulness. 08/2004-02/17/2016


  • Zoe Lavitt

    We loved her for twelve years.


  • Lacey Turbeville

    If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever! So glad you got to enjoy beautiful PC your last years.

    Thank you Lacey for 16 wonderful years.


  • Jazz Hyatt

    Jazz was the most amazing dog and buddy and left us way too soon.

    We miss you!


  • Lamby Blevins

    'i carry your heart with me I carry it in my heart' -ee cummings


    At 10 years old, Lamby became our foster child and he purred his way, permanently, into our home and our lives (yes, he was a dog who purred when content).


    He had a bad heart and a host of other health issues, so we knew we had a limited amount of time with our tiny boy. For 3 years we had the honor of loving and, in turn, being watched over by this silent sentinel....not enough time by anyone's standard.


    We miss you with every ounce of our hearts, gentle little man. Sunshine, a cool breeze and green grass to you forever.


    (Thank you to Dr. Prior, who was there at the beginning, there at the end and there for the many, many times between. Your kindness and sensitivity helped Lamby achieve a happy, pain-free life with us until the end)


  • Stuart Carazo

    Thank you Dr Prior for coming to our home and helping us through a very sad and difficult time with our sweet boy Stuart. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


  • George Bliss

    George was a lively, sensitive and wonderful animal who was a great comfort during a difficult pregnancy and who was fearless and interested in all living things.


    Many thanks to Drs Prior and Hopper for working so hard to try to save our dear little fellow. He is sorely missed by everyone.


  • Peanut Slade

    Peanut, aka White Fang Kitty of Death, was born on the streets of Miami. She provided much love and joy to so many.


    Thanks for the 20 years my friend.


  • Louie Snyder

    Seldom seen Louie!


    I think about you all the time my friend! You are truly missed and always loved:)


  • Kira Kamensky

    Best companion and loyal dog; she will be in our hearts forever!


  • Chrissy Williams

    In loving memory of Chrissy, aka "Chrissy Bird."


    The best little firecracker ever.


    We miss you!


  • Ginger Ling-Ling Page

    Ginger-Pop, Gin-Gin, Ginger-Love


    You were such a special girl and I was so honored to be your "mom" for your time with me. I know your life before me was not so great, but in our short time together, your fun personality was able to shine!


    This picture is after one of Ginger's "Spa" Days. Dr. Prior and the PC Animal Clinic staff was always so wonderful to Ginger and me.

    Thank you again for the great care you gave Ginger. I will forever be grateful


    Kim Page


  • Hexe Hyde

    HEXE was my BEST friend, I loved her heart and sole.


    Thank you Park City Animal Clinic for allowing her to pass in the comfort of her home surrounded by her loving family


  • Cole Warner



  • Pippin Evans

    Pippin was my anniverary present.


    Even though we only had him for 2 years he was a huge part of our family and is missed terribly. He liked to sing with my husband and lick those that he loved.


    I thank Dr Prior for his care and for the care and compassion of the entire staff.


    — Karen Evans


  • Wally 'COONER' Jimbones

    Our Hound / Lab mix Cooner was a great dog with a big heart and a small head. He liked to bark, eat treats, roll around on his back, wipe his mouth on the couch and sit on your feet.


    He didn’t like skateboards, UPS trucks and shopping carts.


    Cooner was such a good natured dog and a part of our family for over a decade. He will be sorely missed.


    We would like to thank Dr. Prior and everyone at Park City Vet for providing Cooner with exceptional care over the course of his long and happy life.


    — The Treadways


  • Dog 5


    After the rain, you were my rainbow.

    I will never forget you, my funny, grinchy, ballerina girl.


    ' The first time we met is a favorite memory of mine, they say time changes all it pertains to but your memory is stronger than time.' — M. Haggard


    After the rain, you were my rainbow.

    I will never forget you, my funny, grinchy, ballerina girl.


  • Corey Poole

    Corey was my birthday present; she was with us 4 days.

    My husband gave her to me because he had just been in the hospital with a life threatening infection and nearly died on my birthday the week before. When he got out, he got Corey.

    She was a tiny angel of hope. Even though she never had a chance at life, she was a reminder of the power of love, and hope. I am thankful she got to know what it is to be loved, even for a few days.


    Life is a blessing, not to be squandered. We ask that in her memory you live each day like it's your last, because it may be. You never know how long you have to show you love those in your life.


    Thank you for giving us your tiny heart, Corey. We love you, little angel.


  • Jake Richardson

    We lost our best friend after only 10 years, but we will never forget the times we had together. We will miss his ball playing, walks and his good nature.


    Dr. Prior saved his life when he was 3 years old and cared for him like he was family from then on.


    Thank you Dr. Prior and your amazing staff!


  • Louie Hessler

    For 14 years Louie was the joy of our lives.We can't count the number of times he made us smile or laugh


    His whole life was centered on pleasing us and he asked little in return beyond our love. He had all of that.


    We will miss him dearly.


  • Riley Turner

    Riley was one of a kind - a funny, opinionated and happy guy right until the end.


    We had a wonderful 12 years with him.


    There is a hole in our hearts. We will miss him forever.


  • Kayto Gorrell

    Kayto used up all her nine lives in her short 21 years with us.


    When we rescued her we didn't know she would rescue our hearts over the years.


  • Tracker Fehr

    Tracker, we will miss you so much. We will miss you on the hikes, by the pool, walking to get the mail.


    You were a loyal companion. You were a good boy.


    We will miss you so much.


  • Kobe Dibblee

    We lost our 11 yr. old giant schnauzer, Kobe, on 10/10/13.


    He was our special boy. He loved to play ball and chase a frisbee until his arthritis slowed him down. As he aged he became such a sweetheart.


    We will miss him so much.


  • Lucy Utoft

    Lucy went to Heaven on Aug.22,2013.


    She was a stray chow/lab mix found loaded with cactus in the Tucson Desert.


    She became a Hospice/Assisted Living Therapy Dog and made hundreds of people smile. Dr. Prior and his wonderful staff all helped in making her last few weeks on earth a little better.


    She will always be in our hearts.


    Sweet Lucy, we love you.


  • Bailey Kivel: 1998 - 2013


    15 years went way too fast.


    We miss him tremendously and will always remember our amazing friend.


  • Gus Gus Schmunk


    Gus Gus, you were such a smart, lovable, quirky, and loyal friend.


    You will be missed so much!


    Love you.


  • Lucy Elliott


    Lover of early morning off leash runs & Pepperidge Farm cookies, my friend, my teacher, my constant trail companion.


    Gone from my side too soon, but always in my heart—


    Lucy—a very fine dog.


  • Gypsy Ohm: 1995 -2012


    Good-bye my perched on high places, toy-chasing, hiding in tight spaces, purring in my lap companion.


    I'll forever remember your mischievous spirit...


  • Zyhox Monster Pox Smith


    My Sweet little Weimaraner earned her wings on February 17th 2013.


    Zhyox Monster Pox was an extraordinary dog, and my constant companion for nearly 12 years. I raised her from a puppy, and will always cherish the memories of our time together.


    I am so grateful to have shared the last several years of my life with such a happy, lovable and good natured four legged friend.


  • Zaidy Gale


    Zaidy came to us from the Humane Society in September 1999, at 15 months of age.


    She was, until close to the end, high energy, high maintenance, definitely neurotic, and deserving of her nickname "Salty Dog."


    She was named after my feisty Italian grandmother who lived to be 100 years old. She was also a loving, loyal and essential member of our family for over 14 years.


    One of Dr. Prior's first patients, and our first family pet. Zaidy died peacefully in her bed, in our home on November 12, 2013.


    Her memory will be with us forever.


  • Max Chesnut


    We always knew there was something special about our dog Max. He was so sweet and happy all the time. He loved kids especially. He was always there to greet us when we got home. We will miss him so much.


    Thank you to Park City Animal Clinic for taking such good care of our Max.


  • Mason Anctil


    Mason, you brought Love and Joy to every single person you ever met. You were always happy, and gave us so much joy. You will always be our first.


    Taken far too soon from us in a tragic accident at the young age of 3.


    We miss you little boy. Forever in our hearts.


  • Duke Sendelback


    Duke ~ our little love, we wish our time together could have been much longer.


    We find comfort in knowing that in your last days you were surrounded with love.


    We miss you sweet puppy! XO


  • Bailey Drage


    Our best friend and hiking buddy, constant companion, best friend to all of the grand kids, and gentle to all, left us on May 23, 2013 at 12 years.


    Our hearts are broken, time will heal, but you will not be forgotten.


    The loving care from Dr. Prior and Staff, especially Susan, was world class for the world's best dog. It was appreciated.


    Bailey loved all of you.


  • Lafite Brunetti Mumford: 2002-2013


    Constant comforter,
    Gentle spirit, enormous smile,
    Never left my side day or night,
    Will miss and love you until I die.


    My cherished companion—I will never forget you...not ever.


    Sleep in heavenly peace.


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